The transparent collection

Whether you are building a system from the ground up or you want to build a more musically satisfying system using some of your existing components as a foundation, there is no single component that makes up a great home audio system. It’s really how everything works together to create the listening experience that counts.

Because cables, power cords and power conditioning are largely hidden, they are the least understood and most underestimated components in a system. Cables, power cords, and power conditioning, however, occupy every part of every system, and as a whole have more to do with the overall musical character of a system than any single core component. To build a great system, regardless of your budget or aspirations, requires a system building plan that explores ways to integrate the right performance level of cables, power cords, and power conditioning into your system. Explore how the Transparent line-up unfolds to help you build a better system here, or contact us or your Transparent Dealer for advice and guidance .

Transparent applied the techniques and design insights gained during the development of our ultimate design, MAGNUM OPUS, to our entire collection of products. Starting with basic interconnects and speaker cables, each Transparent product has inherited its share of MAGNUM OPUS DNA. Stepping up from one level of Transparent to the next performance level is a more musically rich and engaging listening experience. Each step up in performance will take you closer to all the excitement and engagement of music heard live.

Levels of musicality

Because of our decades of research and development, Transparent is able to provide predictable and measured levels of musicality at each step-up in performance. Audio interconnects and speaker cables are the key linking components that establish the fundamental musicality of an audio system. Start to improve your system by upgrading it with an appropriate musicality level of Transparent Audio Cables throughout, and then take an even bigger step forward in solidifying the performance of your system by adding level-associated source cables such as phono and digital cables. Finally, adding Transparent Power Cords and Power Conditioners will give your system all the clean, quiet, and unfettered power your components crave.

Let’s get started!

Explore the levels of musicality in the descriptions and drawings of systems depicted below. Click on the level of musicality or the drawing of the system that best represents your goals to view the entire collection of Transparent products that will help all the components of your system work together in perfect harmony. From there, you can easily link to the individual pages that fully describe each product in that collection.