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REFERENCE, XL, OPUS, and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables are specifically calibrated to the output characteristics of the components in your system. Correct cable calibration to your components is a vital part of Transparent Technology at the REFERENCE level and higher. Properly calibrated cables insure that your connected components perform at their best, and you are able to enjoy the full measure of the Transparent design philosophy. Our goal is to insure that your system is able to deliver a "you are there" listening experience.

If you have changed or are thinking about changing a component, your new component likely has different output characteristics than your original component, and your Transparent Cables may need to be returned to Transparent for recalibration.

If you purchased new or pre-owned REFERENCE, XL, OPUS, or MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables through an Authorized Transparent Dealer, Transparent will recalibrate your cables to the new components in your system at no charge except for shipping costs as long as you own your cables.

If you purchased pre-owned Transparent cables through a source other than an Authorized Transparent Dealer, it is vital that you insure that your cables are properly calibrated for your system to get the full value out of your purchase.

Please feel free to call us to find out whether your pre-owned REFERENCE, XL, OPUS, or MAGNUM OPUS cables need recalibration to perform at their best in your system. We are pleased to provide you with several cost-effective recalibration options. Transparent offers warranty certification for pre-owned cables at a cost that is approximately 15% of the original cost of the cable. Warranty certification entitles you to recalibrations of your registered cables at no charge except for shipping costs whenever you change components, and it offers you entry into the generous Transparent Upgrade Program. Transparent also offers a less expensive service charge for a one-time recalibration.  For more information about applying for recertification, please see our Warranty page.

All recalibrations include a thorough inspection and cleaning of your cables with a full report of recommended repairs and any charges involved in refurbishing your cables to the best condition possible.

Please call us 207-284-1100, write to us at for more details, or fill out this form, and we will get back to you immediately with your next steps.