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Transparent Audio Cable Recalibration Request Form

Please fill out and submit this form if you own REFERENCE, XL, OPUS, or MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables, and you have changed any system components since your original audio cable purchase. REFERENCE level and above audio cables are specifically calibrated to the output characteristics of your original components. Your new component likely has different output characteristics than your original component, and your Transparent Cables may need to be returned to Transparent for recalibration.

Please fill out this form for each component you have changed in your system, and we will get back to you immediately with your next step. Owners of new or pre-owned cable with a registered warranty are entitled to recalibration at no service charge. If you have purchased pre-owned cables that have not been calibrated to your system, please fill out this form. Service charges might apply for unregistered pre-owned cables. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.