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Two black and gold power cords on a gray surface.
Power Cords

Why Power Cords?

How can a power cord matter when it is connected to thousands of feet of home electrical wiring that connects to perhaps thousands more feet of wire attached to a transformer that could be shared with many other homes?

Actually, using a Transparent Power Cord instead of the cord that comes with your component can provide a performance improvement that is as great or greater than any other system upgrade.

Power Cord Technology

Transparent has gone to great lengths to create a range of power cords that meet these specific and demanding criteria. Transparent Power Cords use the same design principles as Transparent Audio Cables. Each performance level of power cord Transparent offers is designed from the ground up with precise and tightly constructed geometry and stabilizing fillers to reduce the effects of noise and vibration. To further reduce noise, pressure extruded CL approved PVC jackets hold power cable constructions firmly in place. Pure copper strand bundles are also larger than typical power cords to accommodate your component's instantaneous demands for power without restriction.

A black amplifier with a red light on it.
Power Conditioning

Power Conditioning

Audio or video systems almost always need expanded power distribution capacity, surge protection, and power conditioning.

Power Factor

Filter circuits in most power conditioners do not transfer power efficiently. They introduce power factor distortion because inductive and capacitive reactance is not in phase.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is an important feature for power conditioners. Most surge protection restricts current, introduces noise, and does not adequately protect your components. A power surge starts with a steep spike in power that is faster than most surge protectors can work. Microprocessors in your system can eventually fail with typical surge protection because of damage from initial power spikes. Over time, many surge protectors become less and less able to offer protection and eventually wear out.

A diagram showing the difference between a safe and a non-safe wave.

Transparent Avalanche Diode Surge Protection does not restrict power, add noise, or wear out over time. It stops the initial sharp spike in a power surge and protects all your equipment and their microprocessors. Transparent Power Conditioners have a generous connected equipment warranty in the unlikely event that a power surge damages your equipment.

A diagram showing the difference between a sine wave and a square wave.