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With a Twist

Precision geometry controls noise and helps Transparent consistently create audio cables with our desired electrical characteristics. It is the key difference between Transparent and the many audio cables that are available that are merely off-the shelf designs with a brand name printed on custom-colored jackets.

These extra manufacturing steps and materials cost a little more than typical cables to manufacture, but Transparent's superior construction results in less noise and optimum audio signal transfer.

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Why Networks

Every type of cable has its unique balance of electrical properties. Typical cables have electrical properties that make them inherently superior at passing ultra-high frequencies, not audio range signals. Transparent Audio Cables have built-in low pass filter networks that balance out the inherent electrical properties of each cable design to create a better conduit for audio range signals. Transparent Network Technology is the result of decades of listening and measurement research. After numerous technology mileposts, the Transparent design model has become highly evolved and increasingly more precise. With each generation, Transparent has been able to offer customers more listening enjoyment and more value.

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Connections and Configurations

Connections and Configurations

Transparent designs and specs all cable connectors to fit each cable design precisely and securely. All materials used in our connectors are carefully chosen for their reliability and sonic qualities. Our technicians use proprietary assembly and soldering techniques to prevent noisy vibrations from affecting cable performance and to preserve the integrity of the cable design at the termination juncture. Transparent connectors and terminations are not off-the-shelf shiny objects. Like every other aspect of our designs, they have been purpose-built to do their job and stand alone in the audio cable industry in terms of durability, beauty, and performance.

Transparent connectors come in a wide array of options to suit the nearly endless connection requirements of today’s amplifiers and speakers.

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We offer a wide selection of most common cable lengths, configurations, and connection options in stock. If your system requires a combination that we do not have in stock, our in-house custom lab is there to help make your cable investment fit perfectly and seamlessly in your system.