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Upgrade Path

Upgrading cables and power conditioning in your system can make as much or more of a performance improvement than upgrading other more costly core components, like amplifiers and speakers.

The Transparent Upgrade Program is a pathway that allows you to follow your inner muse and budget in an ongoing quest toward music perfection, one step at a time while retaining most of your original Transparent investment.

Transparent is the only cable and power conditioning company that has the technology and experience to guarantee that each upgrade will result in bringing your system closer to the music you love by progressively and demonstrably widening the musical window of your system.  In addition, our design goal is to provide more performance at each performance level with each new generation of technology we introduce. 

We have delivered on our guarantee of upgrade value and satisfaction for more than 20 years with thousands of repeat customers.  Our company is founded upon the principle that we want to be an important part of every customer’s life-long journey of musical enjoyment. 

Tonal balance is always correct and natural with any Transparent system, but with each succeeding performance level, low-frequency extension and control reach further into the depths. The complexity of high frequencies and harmonics also blossom more fully with all the sweetness and refinement of music played live.  Noise reduction also becomes more effective at each succeeding level, thereby freeing your components to play your favorite music with greater dynamic range than before and to reveal subtle low-level details that help your audio system recreate the spaciousness and tonal quality of the performance venue.  Our goal is to give our customers a “you are there” listening experience.

Most Transparent products are upgradeable. If you own a current technology Transparent product, you can upgrade to the next performance level or higher and retain up to 70% of the value of your investment. If you own an older technology Transparent product, and you wish to upgrade to a higher level of performance, you get the benefit of a double upgrade. You not only get to jump to the next performance level, you also get the benefit of new Transparent technology.  Older technology Transparent products retain as much as 50% of their original value toward your upgrade choice.

Please call us at 207-284-1100 for further details or write to us at with your upgrade questions and system details. If you think you might be ready for a Transparent upgrade, you can fill out this TRANSPARENT UPGRADE REQUEST, and we will get back to you immediately with our recommended next steps.