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It’s challenging these days to get the most out of your hifi system unless you are already in a state of musical bliss. Never before has musical bliss been more important to our daily lives.

Did you know that upgrading cables and power conditioning in your system can make as much or more of a performance improvement than upgrading other more costly core components, like amplifiers and speakers?

If you own a current technology Transparent product, you can upgrade to the next performance level or higher and retain much of the value of your original investment. If you own an older technology Transparent product, you can either opt for a sidegrade to the same performance level in our current generation, or you can jump to the next performance level and get the benefit of a double upgrade (in both level and technology). Please note that analog signal cable upgrades and sidegrades must go to at least the PLUS level (WAVE and LINK make a 2 performance level step minimum). Digital cables and power cords must go to at least the Premium level, and power conditioners must be upgraded to a model in our PowerIsolator series.

For Touch Free Upgrades, contact your dealer directly or call us at 207.284.1100 for further details. You can also write to us at with your upgrade questions and system details. If you think you might be ready, continue to the form below for your Transparent Touch Free Upgrades.

The Touch Free Transparent Upgrade program is currently available to US and Canada customers only. International customers, please contact your local Transparent Distributor for assistance with upgrades.


Transparent Upgrades Are for Anyone Who Loves Music and Audio

Transparent introduced its upgrade program in 1987. Our original concept was to create an affordable, step-by-step pathway for our customers to satisfy their life-long pursuit of experiencing closer levels of musical realism through their home audio systems. The Transparent Upgrade Program has been a great success. Thousands of satisfied and loyal customers have travelled on their own upgrade pathways as they have pursued and explored the depths of their growing musical truths


The Transparent Upgrade Program is designed to protect our customers’ original investments in Transparent by providing them with generous trade-in values for their cables and power conditioning products when they are ready to take the next step up in performance in their home audio systems.

Our Goal Is to Get Each Customer on the Right Path to Musical Ecstasy

Transparent understands that everyone’s journey toward musical ecstasy is unique. Transparent and our dealers want to create a pathway that fits each customer’s audio system and listening environment while accounting for personal priorities, timelines, and budgets. We realize that such decisions can’t be made by making a selection and putting it in your “cart”. Please feel free to give us a call at 207.284.1100, “Chat” with us on our website, or talk to your Transparent Dealer about your upgrade possibilities.

How Transparent Upgrades Work

Each upgrade must be a product category for product category and pair for pair or item for item upgrade. If you own an older technology Transparent product, you can either opt for a technology upgrade at the same performance level and receive generous trade-in value, or you can jump to the next performance level and get the benefit of a double upgrade (in both level and technology). Upgrading entry-level products, such as LINK Interconnects, WAVE Speaker Cables, Performance Digital Cables, and Performance Power Cords, requires 2 performance level steps to upgrade. PowerBank 2, PowerBank 6, PowerWave and PowerWave X Power Conditioners are upgradeable to REFERENCE and above Power Conditioners. At this time, PowerBank Power Conditioners are not upgradeable to PowerWave Power Conditioners.

Only original product owners are immediately eligible for Transparent’s upgrade program. If you have purchased Transparent products from a non-authorized source, eligibility for the upgrade program can be obtained through our recertification process. The fee to upgrade preowned Transparent Cables without a warranty is approximately 15% of the original retail price of the trade-in cable. Products purchased new or preowned from an Authorized Transparent dealer are eligible for the Transparent Upgrade Program without additional fees.

NO Wave Speaker Cable, 8-Feet > MusicWave Speaker Cable, 8-Feet
YES Wave Speaker Cable, 8-Feet > PLUS Speaker Cable, 8-Feet
WHY Wave Speaker Cables require a 2-performance level upgrade.
NO G6 PLUS RCA, 1-Meter > G6 Balanced PLUS, 1-Meter
YES G6 PLUS RCA, 1-Meter > G6 Balanced SUPER, 1-Meter
WHY Upgrades must be at least 1-performance level or higher.
NO SUPER RCA, 25-Feet, Full Trade-In Value > ULTRA RCA, 2-Meter
YES SUPER RCA, 25-Feet, at 2-Meter Trade-in Value > ULTRA RCA, 2-Meter
WHY Longer to shorter cable upgrades receive a trade-in value for the longer cable that is equal to the trade-in value of the shorter desired length.
NO G6 SUPER RCA, 1-Meter > G6 SUPER RCA, 25-Feet
YES G6 SUPER RCA, 1-Meter > G6 ULTRA RCA, 25-Feet
WHY Upgrades must be at least 1-performance level or higher.
NO G6 ULTRA BALANCED, 2-Meter > G6 ULTRA Balanced, 10-Feet
YES G5 ULTRA BALANCED, 2-Meter > G6 ULTRA Balanced, 10-Feet
WHY Technology side grades are allowed from older to current generations only; within current generation the upgrade must go up at least 1-performance level.


How to Start the Transparent Upgrade Process

Call or email Transparent or your dealer, or fill out the form above these guidelines.

Transparent or your dealer will send you the desired upgrade cable immediately upon receipt of your payment if the cable is in inventory along with a prepaid return shipping label to return your trade-in cable for credit. For custom and cables in the Reference and OPUS Series, shipment could be delayed by as much as 15-business days.

Transparent or your dealer will issue an upgrade credit directly to your original form of payment for the trade-in cable upon receipt provided the cable is in good condition with only normal signs of wear and tear and the returned cable is as represented at the time the upgrade order was placed. Transparent or your dealer must also receive trade-in cables within 10 days from your receipt of the upgrade cable to be able to issue full trade-in credit.

If you would like to discuss your upgrade options or verify upgrade costs, please do not hesitate to call us at 207.284.1100. 

If you are ready to take the next step with your upgrade, link to the UPGRADE REQUEST FORM.



We will be happy to assist you with your upgrade request.