Ultra Speaker Cable

Price reflects one pair of cables. Single cables available by request.

Transparent Ultra Speaker Cables feature highly-refined network technology enclosed in stable, machined acrylic modules to dampen unwanted vibrations. Use Ultra with accurate speakers that have well-damped enclosures to appreciate fully its resolution and power-carrying capability. To capture the full capabilities of an Ultra-based system, ask your retailer to help you with speaker placement and room treatments.

Available as biwire for 4-input speaker connections. Choose between Standard Connection and Biwire Connection in the Speaker Input. Upgradeable to Reference Speaker Cables and above. 

Retail pricing forSUPER andULTRA Audio Cables is in US Dollars and does not include currency exchange-rate fluctuation or the cost of shipping, import duties, VAT, or local taxes. The landed cost for international online Transparent purchases for these products may be greater than the landed cost when purchased through your local dealer or distributor. Please contact your local Transparent Distributor for details.