To be engaging, basic systems need to deliver more than good tonal balance. With MAGNUM OPUS derived network technology, Link Interconnects and Wave Speaker Cables open the window to clearer, cleaner, and more dynamic sound. Adding Transparent ENGAGING phono cables, digital cables, power cords, and power conditioning expand your system’s ability to deliver more than expected.

MUSICALLY ENGAGING COLLECTION. Start by clicking on the pictures below of Link Interconnects and Wave Speaker Cables to discover all the performance features and options for the audio cables in this collection. To create a level-matched system, follow the linking thread on each product page to go to the next Musically Engaging Transparent System Companion required to complete your system. You can save your collection of Transparent Companions for future reference, or you can buy them on this site. You are also always welcome to call us or your Transparent dealer for more personalized system building advice.

To see what lies ahead, explore the Transparent MUSICALLY BELIEVABLE COLLECTION or MUSICALLY AUTHENTIC COLLECTION to discover ways to bring your listening experiences even closer to the tonal richness, vitality, dynamics, and spaciousness of music played live and to prepare your system for future component upgrades.

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