Reference or XL Biwire Adapter

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Transparent’s artisans make these biwire adapters by hand, incorporating the same cable and spades used in Transparent XL Speaker Cable. Use them with any biwire speakers and a single pair of Reference or XL Speaker Cables for best results.

These biwire adapters are a significant upgrade over the flat, stamped metal plates usually provided with biwire speakers to bridge the 2 sets of + and – binding posts. The many heavy, tightly twisted, high purity copper strands in Transparent Reference or XL Biwire Adapters have superior current carrying capability and transfer more musical details and wider dynamic range than biwire speaker plates. Using Transparent biwire adapters with a higher performance level of Transparent speaker cable in single-wire configuration improves biwire speaker performance more than using two pair of lower performance speaker cables because of Transparent’s superior network and conductor technologies.

Sold as a set of 4 adapters.