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Design and Development

Our in-house design and engineering team are all musicians and music lovers. All final design decisions start with engineering theory that is refined in practice as a result of long-term, carefully documented listening experiences on a wide variety of different components in the Transparent Studio. Sources include master tapes of performances the team has attended and a library of over 14,000 digital and analog albums. Tonal Balance, Dynamic Range, and Space are the listening criteria the design team uses to determine whether a new project is approaching the ability to transfer music with all the quintessential characteristics of music played live.

Transparent designs and develops everything that goes into every Transparent product from the custom specified cable to every mechanical and physical detail including fasteners and connectors.

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The members of our sales team are first and foremost fans of music and audio. This, combined with years of industry experience, means they live and breathe their work and can help a customers at all levels in their audio journeys achieve their ultimate systems. They are an important adjunct to the design and development team because they are always listening to what our customers are saying about audio products, including ours. The sales team works closely with Transparent dealers to ensure every system is fully optimized with the right Transparent Cable and Power Conditioning.

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The marketing department coordinates with all phases of operations. The marketing team is an important part of Transparent's image — how products look, how they are brand identified, and how they are packaged. Social media presence, website development, informational newsletters and brochures, manuals, retail brand presence tools and fixtures, and event planning and design require close coordination with the sales department. The marketing team creates all photography, marketing materials, tools, and fixtures in house with the help of the custom lab and the production and fulfillment teams.

Custom Lab and Service

We know that an audio or video system can be as unique as the individual using it, which is why our custom lab is able to create almost any connection you can dream of. Our lab is also where we optimize our reference level cables based on a customer's listening room, system layout, and individual source, amplifier, and speaker combinations.

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Most of our products are made by hand in Maine by highly skilled technicians, many of whom have crafted Transparent products for decades. The majority of our production is performed offsite in nearby home production studios that we set up and maintain. The individually handcrafted nature of our products lends itself to a flexible approach to production that helps us to attract and retain the highly creative and skilled people we need. Many of our technicians are also active musicians who are a part of the local vital independent music scene.

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We are fortunate to have all of our departments, including warehousing and shipping, managed under one roof. This means our sales department knows when we can fulfill a custom order, and they know when a product in inventory will ship. It’s this integration of the entire Transparent team that has lead to our continuous improvement, innovation, and respected position in our industry.

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Transparent Dealers

Transparent dealers are a vital part of our team. Transparent dealers have the facility, staff, associated products, and experience to help customers exceed their home audio or home theater expectations and to receive service before, during, and after a purchase investment. Their showrooms usually have a wide array of well-balanced systems at different budget levels set up so that customers can get first hand listening experience. Many of our dealers have worked with Transparent for decades helping customers to upgrade their systems over time through the Transparent Upgrade Program. Our sales team works hand-in-hand with our dealers to insure that every detail of linking their customers' systems is optimal. Most Transparent dealers and their sales staff have received extensive Transparent training at their facility or at the Transparent factory.


Every system is unique, and every component has unique interface requirements. Transparent is dedicated to creating the best linking solutions for each and every connection in a system. We rely upon the help and advice of speaker, amplifier, and source component manufacturers for information about the physical and electrical characteristics of their components. Our goal is to be able to help our customers create the best audio systems possible. Thanks to strong relationships within the industry,Transparent also owns a wide variety of the latest audio gear sold by our dealers to insure that our designs work as well in practice as they do in theory.