Audio Cables for Ultimate Music and Film Systems

What we thought was the best, just got much better. New network technology, more tightly controlled cable construction, precise torque tuning of the network enclosure assembly, and superior internal damping take OPUS to another level of "you are there" musical engagement.


  • Developed in the Transparent Music and Film Studio to achieve the ultimate in performance.
  • Music breathes with astonishing palpability and naturalness.
  • The ultimate in current-carrying capacity for effortless dynamics.
  • Cable strand size was chosen for its low noise, low resonance properties in audio signal applications.
  • Superior vibration control and damping technologies reveal a wealth of microdetails
  • New connector designs exert a significant impact on musical playback.
  • Individually calibrated to work ideally with your specific components whether tube, transistor, or something in between.
  • Filter networks finely calibrated to tolerances of 1/100 of an ohm and 1 picofarad.
  • Every OPUS cable is individually customized to your specific room and component.