Audio Cables for Ultimate Music and Film Systems

With specifications that require measurements that are at the edge of what technicians can control in production and production time that is comparable to the manufacturing of exotic high-end audio amplifiers or speakers, MAGNUM OPUS, Transparent's new flagship, is costly to build and rare.

The result of more than three years of research and development, MAGNUM OPUS Speaker Cables and Interconnects represent a new pinnacle of performance on every level for Transparent.


  • Developed in the Transparent Music and Film Studio to achieve the ultimate in performance.
  • Music breathes with astonishing palpability and naturalness.
  • The ultimate in current-carrying capacity for effortless dynamics.
  • Cable strand size chosen for its low noise, low resonance properties in audio signal applications.
  • Superior vibration control and damping technologies reveal a wealth of microdetails
  • New connector designs exert significant impact on musical playback.
  • Individually calibrated to work ideally with your specific components whether tube, transistor, or something in between.
  • Configured to fit your room and component layout.