Reference PowerIsolator

Reference PowerIsolator shares technology with the ultimate OPUS PowerIsolator in a convenient 8-outlet configuration with 4 isolating circuits, each with 2 outlets. All outlets have surge protection, broadband noise filtration, and power factor correction. Transparent includes a REFERENCE Power Cord, an integral part of the REFERENCE PowerIsolator design.

  • 8 high-current, grounded, noise-isolated USA or 7 EU outlets or 6 UK outlets.
  • 4 separate noise-isolated banks for all types of components including power amplifiers.
  • Gigabit Ethernet surge protection.
  • Upgrade performance by plugging in only 1 component per bank.
  • Broadband power line noise filtering.
  • Power factor correction promotes superior tonal fidelity and more realizable power.
  • Parallel filter circuit design does not restrict current.
  • Parallel hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker provides failsafe circuit protection without limiting current.
  • Hybrid aluminum and thermoformed polymer enclosure promotes electromagnetic field expansion and allows more fluid and robust dynamic capability than PowerIsolator with its all aluminum chassis.
  • Internal cross bracing and proprietary epoxy loading damp resonances and vibrations to a greater degree than PowerIsolator.
  • Circuit layout enhances electrical isolation to a greater degree than exists in PowerIsolator.
  • Detachable high-current REFERENCE Power Cord.
  • Transparent recommends using REFERENCE Power Cords with all associated components.
  • Available in versions for USA, UK, EU, and other power applications.

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