PowerIsolator MM

PIMM has two 15-amp high-current outlets. You can condition power and protect two components from surges with one PIMM unit. To achieve the ultimate that PowerIsolator Technology can provide, use only one outlet. PowerIsolator uses Transparent's best vibration control technology to keep damaging resonances from affecting line voltage purity.

  • 2 high-current, grounded, noise-isolated, surge protected outlets.
  • Both outlets offer identical performance with any audio or video component, including high power amplifiers.
  • Ultimate performance comes when PowerIsolator MM is used with only 1 component.
  • Detachable high-current PowerLink MM power cord is Transparent's highest performing cord. The PowerLink MM cord delivers full power and additional conditioning via its RF-inhibiting network.
  • free-standing or rack-mount operation.
  • Precision-machined isolation feet decouple PowerIsolator MM from vibrations.
  • Solid aluminum chassis combined with our proprietary internal damping epoxy create an incredibly quiet structure to house the precise noise filtration and surge protection circuitry, thus further lowering the noise floor.
  • Circuit layout enhances electrical isolation.
  • Each PowerIsolator MM is individually measured and calibrated to optimum specifications.
  • Choose PowerLink MM power cords for connected components to provide the full benefits of PowerIsolator MM performance.
  • PowerIsolator MM in free-standing mode is 2 rack spaces high.
  • PowerIsolator MM mounted in a garage is 3 rack spaces high.
  • Available in versions for USA, UK, EU, and custom power applications.
Line drawings and dimensions (pdf):
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