OPUS PowerIsolator

Twenty-three years of technical development, materials research, and critical listening have culminated in Transparent's paramount technology to eliminate power line noise.

OPUS PowerIsolator is the key to unlocking the utmost performance capability of an ultimate level system. When processing unrestricted AC power transferred via the OPUS Power Cord, the OPUS PowerIsolator helps a system deliver previously unheard subtleties and dynamic range that is so expansive that it will redefine the listener's experience of music realism.

OPUS PowerIsolator comes packaged with one 2m OPUS Power Cord.

  • Reduces noise to reveal all the subtle detail and nuance of music and films.
  • Full dampened carbon fiber construction controls vibrations and eliminates electromagnetic field constriction for untethered dynamics.
  • Power factor correction controls phase shift for superior tonal fidelity.
  • Power factor correction controls phase shift for superior tonal fidelity.
  • No current limiting — preserves the soul of the music and enables your system to breathe dynamically.
  • Provides instantaneous surge protection for components, multiple sources, and networks.
  • LED indicators for power and protection circuits.
  • LED indicator warns line fault if AC wall outlet is wired incorrectly.

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