Review Highlights

Reviewers everywhere agree that Transparent products at all levels deliver superb performance and great value for the asking price. We have excerpted a few review highlights for your information, but we encourage you to read the full text of every review for the most complete understanding of our cables' behavior in reviewers' systems.


  • "… that ambitious company name is clearly not just for show." — Martin Colloms
  • "… demonstrably closer to the sound of the source …" — Jonathan Valin
  • "Dynamically generous, tonally neutral and harmonically complete, the Transparents' sonics validate both their design philosophy and their asking price …" — Anthony Chiarella
  • "… the most harmonically complete and accurate speaker cable I have heard." — Tom Miiller
  • "… the new king of the high-end cables." — Myles Astor
  • "By comparison, other cables were thin, smeared and unable to precisely place these instruments within the soundstage." — Myles Astor
  • "The Transparent designs portray silence as a physical, not just theoretical, reality." — Wes Phillips
  • "… music played via the Transparent has a good deal of the limpid clarity of music played live." — Jonathan Valin


  • "… the finest-sounding AC power product that I have heard to date … [I]f you own an expensive video device, it deserves this level of improvement." — Bryan Southard
  • "… obvious improvement in the colors, which all appeared brighter and better defined … provided better edges to the images, making them look more three-dimensional." — Ed Masterson
  • "I was nothing short of amazed at how much of an improvement the Transparent PowerIsolator 4 made in my system … [It] will take you that much closer to the live event. In the world of AC optimization, it is unequaled at any cost." — Ed Masterson