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What Our Customers Say About Transparent

I simply wasn't prepared for the unbelievable improvement the cables made.

Your cable is like heaven to my ears. . . my system has NEVER sounded so good.

I have never heard such a dramatic change in my system. Your stuff completely blows me away. I've been telling everyone about it.

Having owned a number of high-end "cables" including xxx and xxx__, the Transparent components are without a doubt in a league of their own. The addition of the Transparent Audio components have contributed the most significant improvement in the performance of my system. While the tab was nearly $7000CAN, I truly feel it was an investment well spent. Congratulations on an outstanding product.

Well, I used about all of the competition and I have to say that Transparent interconnects are the best that I've used: more spacious, detailed music comes out of my speakers now. I have been trying different cables for more than twenty years(before it was fashionable), and I like yours. Thank you.

Now that I'm here I'd sooner give up a kidney than go back to where I was.

I wanted you to know I've had the cables in for 3 CD's now and they make all the difference in the world. There is sound staging now that I'd heard in the store but which wasn't present until I installed your nice cables. If you ever want to do a testimonial ad campaign, give me a call. I used to think this was Looney Tunes stuff, cables. But they really, really do make all the difference. I can HEAR and SEE the music now, and that is why I bought these speakers. Bravo!

As for the XL speaker cable, I still can't believe that they make as much difference as they do. I hooked them up to my current speakers and was at first somewhat underwhelmed. Everything was better, but it still sounded like my speakers, just better in every category. The more I listened the more I realized how good they were. Then I brought home another pair of speakers to audition, and was very happy with the total package. I decided to give the new speakers a try with my old Ultra spk. cable, and was shocked at the difference. While it still sounded quite good, I realized that most of the improvement I thought I was hearing from the new speakers was actually being delivered by the XL cable.


ALL TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WERE SOLVED INSTANTLY. Musical perspectives became lush, full blooded and colorful. A totally new insight to all music was at my disposal forthwith. Musical detail was resolved with impunity. Stereo imaging was staggering. These products are addictive.

In short, I can conclude by saying that having read your technical spec sheets on the web, I can ratify and concur that, without the use of Transparent cables, investment in the realms of high end audio is severely limited. I likened this to putting diesel in a Formula 1 car.

I do not see cables and interconnects as accessories, but essential COMPONENTS of the system.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great assistance you've provided me over the past several weeks. Although I had completed my system with MusicLink interconnects by the time I first contacted you, I had yet to purchase any Transparent speaker cables or digital interconnects. Now I have both the MusicWave Biwire cables and the High Performance Digital cables in my system. The system sounds phenomenal! Nevertheless, I'm currently auditioning some xxx__ gear which will bring the digital chain of my system up a notch or two. And thanks to your suggestions, the rest of my system will be able to show off that xxx__ gear very well. I'm just another one of your very satisfied customers and I wanted to let you guys know about it. While I can't afford right now the very best of what your company has to offer, you have me as a customer for life. There simply isn't anything better.

Concerning a comparison to xxx cables, just hook up some Transparent and listen. If you hear what I heard, the difference will haunt you until you replace all your cables with Transparent.

Bingo! If you have a DAC with a removable IEC plug. Get one! (a PowerLink Super, that is) I know I sound like a Transparent sales person after 30 cups of coffee. And no I haven't lost my mind. This cord is the answer for isolating ground and line noise from the audio bandwidth. The $250 price beats paying $800-$2800 for the same performance. I urge you to try one!! P.S. and no, Transparent isn't paying me royalties.

Using other cables, we felt as if there was a velvet between the audience and the loud speaker. The voice and the music were a little weak and dirty. They could not come out from the loud speaker completely. After using the Transparent cable, the situation had greatly changed, as if the velvet had been moved away and the voice and music became extremely clear and smooth with high resolving power, quiet background, lowest noise, beautiful voice and good musical ambience. We were convinced by the Transparent Cable. The Transparent Cable had already changed our previous viewpoint of cables. We took much attention to CD players, amplifiers and loud speakers instead of the cable before. This is not just. The Transparent Cable advances the audio system to a higher level. We had to admire the Transparent Cable.

A few years back as I was trying to assemble a decent stereo system, I bought a pair of xxx Cable for about $10.00 per foot. My wife was mad and thought I was crazy to spend that kind of money for "wire". As time progressed she did develop an excellent ear for music but we never did get away from those cables since we felt like we spent so much money on them at the time. Recently, we went to the Stereophile Show in San Francisco and felt it was time to upgrade our system. Audio FX recommended some new components and that I change my "wires". So I brought a pair of Reference Speaker cables and a pair of Ultra interconnects home to demo. My wife and I both agreed that they sounded great, but I was really apprehensive as to how she would react at the cost. Much to my astonishment, She did not even bat an eyelash and said "That's OK, it is that good." So, we started with the above setup and now have already upgraded to your Reference XL Speaker Cables - they are amazing! Thanks for the great music!


I truly was planning only to listen to these cables for a while, but the sound is so much better than I've heard in my system so far that I have to keep them! You must hear this response all the time.

With Transparent cabling my signal is precisely transferred. I remain amazed by the lack of signal interference and absence of colorations that your cables allow in my recordings, just immediacy and "transparency". Thank you.


I appreciate the support that you give us in our efforts to sell better music systems to the average consumer. Transparent is in our minds one of the funnest products to sell, it brings a sparkle to the eyes of the converted as they tell us "I heard the difference". Thanks for the opportunity.

It is so nice to be partners with a company, that not only makes the best products, but also has the highest caliber people to work with. We love being a Transparent dealer.

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