We all want to put together an audio or theater system that will totally engage us every time we sit down to hear our favorite music or experience a new movie in our homes.  It’s a challenge!  No single component, cable, power conditioner, or power cord fully determines the overall presentation and impact of the entertainment experience.  The magic happens when everything in the system works together optimally.

It usually takes an experienced audio sales professional to help put together a truly balanced and satisfying system.  Unfortunately, there are too few system-oriented audio experts to go around, and there are large expanses of our planet where this kind of expertise simply does not exist.

The Transparent System Explorer can’t take the place of an audio systems expert, but it can help you start on the right path to putting together the kind of home audio or theater system that will thrill you every time. 

Transparent has identified 4 levels of different types of systems to help our customers find their unique path to begin to navigate the hundreds of Transparent products we offer to create the best systems possible:  Newcomer, Enthusiast, Aficionado, and Connoisseur Systems. 

We welcome you to call us or call one of our retail dealers to talk details about your aspirations if you are seeking further guidance before you start to link your system together.