PowerBank 2

The PowerBank 2 is one of the finest surge protection power devices available. It features the security of surge protection without any of the performance drawbacks normally associated with surge protectors. The new Generation 5 P2 has two high current, grounded outlets, a coaxial source surge protector, and a gigabit network source surge protector. The P2 can be used with stand-alone unprotected electronics or to add additional noise filtration and surge protection to an older Transparent power product.

Transparent power products effectively isolate components, remove line noise and modulation distortion, and suppress spikes and surges without the use of transformers, chokes or other series filtering devices which limit current capacity and add distortions. These unique products are the most transparent way to clean up the power going into your high end audio and video components for cleaner sound and picture coming out.

  • 2 high-current, grounded USA outlets.
  • Coaxial source surge protector
  • A gigabit network source surge protector
  • Ultra-compact enclosure.

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