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Quality interconnects, speaker cables, and digital cables for audio and video are often overlooked components in home theater and whole house music and video systems because they're hidden, but all these cable pathways combine to create the central nervous system of your components so that they all can work together at their best. The key to success is cabling specifically designed for its purpose. The design requirements to transfer analog audio signals accurately are very different than the requirements to transfer digital audio and video signals accurately, for example.

Power conditioners and power cords that deliver clean and unrestricted power to all your components are the life-blood of your home entertainment systems. With so many components and appliances in your home adding noise and making demands on the power signal, clean unrestricted power for every home entertainment component is a special challenge.

Transparent audio cables, digital cables for audio and video, power conditioning, and power cords have been specifically designed to address these critical issues in home entertainment system integration. If you would like to know more about specific products and Transparent's technical approach to creating audio cables, digital audio and video cables, power conditioning, and power cords, visit the PRODUCTS section of this website and explore these categories thoroughly.

To read our short essay about the importance of cables in home entertainment installations, "Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind", simply download this PDF.

Expanding the points below will give you an idea of how Transparent dealers integrate Transparent audio cables, digital cables for audio and video, power conditioning, and power cords into home entertainment systems.

  • Many customers want the highest performance possible, but they want the cable "to be heard and not seen."
  • Transparent's factory-terminated high performance and premium interconnects and speaker cables are fire-retardant.
  • Transparent dealers know how to adapt Transparent's factory-terminated cables to custom installation applications.
  • Transparent's custom laboratory is always available to make Transparent products fit seamlessly into any home entertainment system.
  • Transparent's custom laboratory manufactures interconnect length exactly as specified by your dealer to insure the back of your system rack looks perfect and organized.
  • Manufactured under controlled conditions to precise specifications, Transparent's factory terminated interconnects and speaker cables provide superior performance compared to field-terminated cables.
  • More about Transparent's factory-terminated interconnects and speaker cables.
  • Transparent has speaker cabling solutions for installations that require dealer-terminated cables.
  • Transparent's dealer-terminated speaker cabling solutions approach the performance of Transparent's factory terminated speaker cables.
  • Transparent's inwall speaker cables with attachable Brick networks provide superior performance compared to typical inwall cables.
  • Transparent's inwall speaker cables with Brick networks attached significantly reduce the "antenna effect" of long speaker cables.
  • Transparent inwall speaker cables and Brick networks are available at High Performance, Premium, and Reference levels.
  • Learn more about Brick Upgrades
  • Interconnects with twisted pair construction and soldered terminations are well worth the investment because they provide superior performance and reliability.
  • Soldered interconnects are not always practical for some rack system applications.
  • Transparent's Whole House Interconnect is a good performance solution for rack systems where soldering is not practical.
  • Digital cables for audio and video need to be able to pass high speed, ultra-high frequencies accurately, a very different kind of task than is required of cables that transfer audio frequencies.
  • If music is an important part of your home entertainment enjoyment, always use the best digital audio cables possible.
  • In many home entertainment applications, digital video cables need to pass signals over long distances (greater than 2 meters).
  • Most digital video cables are not able to pass signals accurately over long distances.
  • Transparent digital video cables are designed to pass signals accurately over the long distances often required in home entertainment systems.
  • Some very good performing high definition televisions and projectors are not digital ready and require composite or component video connections.
  • Transparent makes a full range of composite and component video cables that insure optimal picture quality, even over long distances.
  • Transparent PowerBank, PowerWave, and PowerIsolator series of power conditioners manage power distribution to complex home entertainment systems while delivering noise-free, unrestricted power.
  • All Transparent power conditioners use the same lightning-fast surge protection that won't wear out.
  • Transparent offers a full connected equipment warranty.
  • Transparent offers specialized power conditioners for stand alone components such as wall-mounted plasma televisions, projectors, and subwoofers.
  • Home entertainment systems need protection from surges that can enter through signal transmission sources such as cable, satellite, antennas, telephone lines, and network connections.
  • Transparent offers high performance surge solutions for all possible surge sources so that your valued components will be protected as required by the Transparent connected equipment warranty.
  • Home entertainment components need high current power cords with substantial pure copper conductor mass and reliable, stable, and solid plug terminations.
  • Replace undersized, noisy stock power cords with hefty, high current noise reducing Transparent power cords.
  • Transparent power cords optimize Transparent Power Conditioner performance

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